My name is Madi~
You can call me Cog or Madi or Garhone-Girl if you so please :U

This is a completely personal blog so I mostly just post based on my current interests at the time. Sometimes it's fandoms and sometimes it's k-pop. Sometimes if you're really (un)lucky you'll see me post some art. I am anti-truscum.

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if you’re young and ace and you start to have ~sexual feels~ or maybe even ~sexual attraction~

don’t worry about it. the ace police are not going to bust your door down if you thought about that person you saw in a lewd manner. the ace police are not going to come for you if you start to develop sexual kinks here and there.

you define your sexuality, and your lack of, or presence of sexual attraction. Asexuality is a spectrum, and should be treated as such.